I dont know about you, but I absolutley love shoes. You might never guess this by seeing the shoes I wear. This is because I have bunions and sore feet all the time! I think it's the many years of retail I worked that now cause pain in those things! So I stick to comfortable, which isnt always cute. Crocs anyone? That doesn't mean a girl cant dream, right? I thought for my Year-of-Turning-40 I might give it a go and wear sexy heels more often...didnt last long at all. I think as you get older, you get wiser and decide that pain isnt always worth the beauty. But hey, every once in a while I might still bear the pain for it, they are just too hard to resist sometimes, like pieces of art on your feet. So here are some of the best shoes I've come across on pinterest. Shoes I would have in my Dream Closet. I have so many saved up on there I might do a Shoes...if only Part Deux another time. Enjoy and feel free to follow me on Pinterest!

Source: etsy.com via Holly on Pinterest

Source: google.nl via Holly on Pinterest

Source: chiq.com via Holly on Pinterest


01/07/2012 1:38pm

Love it! I can't wear heels anymore either. I decided it was better than tripping all the time with my bad balance. Where I probably couldn't even stand up in any of those in the pictures, I would still die for a pair of those red-bottomed shoes! Definitely think it would channel my authentic self, even sitting down. Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

01/09/2012 6:00pm

Dr. Scholl's inserts for high heels. That is all you need.


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