Well, I have been avoiding this blog out of embarrassment for a while now. I have to get something off my chest. Maybe you already sensed it or had a feeling about it but here it goes I… failed… miserably… at… my… cleanse. Couldn’t make it past 2 days. Didn’t help that I was PMS’ing, had a stressful work week and started to get a flare up of my Crohn’s disease. After all my prep work, money spent on food and thoughts that it was going to be easy…it turned out to be much harder. The timing was way off but the hardest part was finding food that tasted good. I was open to trying new things, such as soy yogurt with strawberries and granola. But my taste buds rejected the yogurt with determination. Yeek! What about some organic salsa with chips? The jar said mild…it wasn’t mild; it was hot and didn’t taste good either and I love salsa! How about a wonderful salad for lunch, with gluten free vinegrette? Any other day it would have been great, but when I knew I couldn’t have other things along with it, my mind started playing tricks on me and I didn’t feel full or felt I was neglecting myself.  Don’t get me started again on how gross tofu looks in the package. And because my flare up is now in full effect, I am back to eating just a few things my body can tolerate, like Spaghettios (with meatballs of course.)  I was walking down the hall at work the other day and a co-worker saw me with my breakfast. “Pop Tarts aren’t part of your cleanse are they?” she said. Next time I know not to tell everyone about it before I do it. Perhaps I’ll try again in the summer, but I’ll tell you about it afterwards. Also, I found out a few other people were trying it along with me but never told me!  (It might have helped me a little knowing that.) But maybe they had the right thought all along…don’t tell anyone so if you fail miserably you don’t have to face everyone.



05/12/2011 3:27pm

Oh no! Sorry to hear that. I don't think this is a failure though. You found out what you could and couldn't eat. So that is progress. Maybe if you do want to eat some of the food you bought, you can try it gradually instead of all at once? That is what I had to do with Eric and his no fat/low fat diet. Hang in there sweetie! No reason to be embarrassed at all! At least you tried! I couldn't even imagine doing that! Love ya!

05/12/2011 5:09pm

Sorry it didn't work for you. At least you tried. I can't believe that you were going to eat tofu! I think I'll stay with more fruits, vegetables, protien and less carbs....with maybe an ice cream cone or two thrown in for good measure.

05/12/2011 5:15pm

Hey good luck Holly it was worth a try. Try what Pam suggested that is what I am doing it is going pretty good and every time I do eat more then three bites of a carbs it makes my stomach act up!

05/14/2011 6:36am

Go easier on yourself. The poem was beautiful. LIFE IS BUT A DREAM bla bla ??????

05/14/2011 11:14am

I found it !!!!
"Life is but a dream, covered by the sky"


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